Why are French shutters such a popular choice for homes in Stroud?

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Adding a level of continental class to Stroud interiors, French style shutters are designed to bring a new look to almost any window. Letting light into your home, they provide a range of additional benefits that help transform the space.

Letting you create a degree of French flair in your property, we offer shutters that are made-to-measure, and are available in a range of styles, colours and materials. If want to add a new look to your home, it is worth thinking about window coverings that look great both inside and out.
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Just what are French style shutters anyway?

The French connection with shutters comes from the word louvre. The horizontal slats on the panels are called louvres, and allow for easy control of both light control and privacy through the windows.

The popular myth is that shutter louvres originated from the time of King Louis XIV, who wished to spy on young ladies when bathing in the ponds of his palace gardens. The moveable slats meant that he would be able to enjoy the view, without the guards being able to see.

It is likely the term “louvre” was taken from the Louvre Palace in Paris, a Royal residence that went under a number of refurbishments during Louis’ reign, and is now an iconic art museum.

Although apparently having this relationship with the French, window shutters have a longer history, with some examples dating back as far as Ancient Greece. Growing in popularity in America, French shutters once again gained recognition in Europe due to their usage in properties such as cafés and restaurants.

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What about choosing shutters for French doors?

The stylish glass panels of French doors are popular for conservatories and patios alike. But as they are high traffic parts of the home, they need to be easily accessible.

Rather than fabric furnishings such as curtains or drapes, a shutter is a practical choice for French doors as they are more than just a window covering. They can either be attached to the door itself, or alternatively in front by using a track system in front, both methods providing easy access when needed.

French door shutters include a specific cut-out for the handle, letting you easily open and close the door when required. They also act as insulation for your property, preventing heat loss through the glass panels when the louvres are closed. Considering the best covering for your glass patio doors? Look no further than shutters. However, unlike most of our other styles, French door shutters are only available in the Fiji and Sumatra ranges.

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How do I know that a shutter is the right choice for my home?

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With so many variables to consider, knowing which shutters are right for either a window or door can definitely be confusing. Make sure to do your research, read about styles, look at images, and book a survey with a trusted shutter specialist, to see some samples and discuss options. Still not sure what look to go for? Shuttercraft Gloucestershire offers a range of alternatives, from the classic French style in white, through to more contemporary colour choices such as Sea Mist, matching your existing aesthetic.

No matter which room you are considering for shutters, there are also different materials to suit the situation:

  • The Java range is made from ABS, an incredibly dense and sturdy plastic, that is completely waterproof, making it a great choice for bathrooms.
  • The Fiji range has a beautiful wood grain when choosing the stained finish.
  • The Sumatra range is sourced from sustainable sources, and is a lightweight wood, perfect for special shapes and larger installations.

What should I do next?

It all depends how you want your home to look! Why not book a free survey with us today? You can discuss the different styles to suit your space, from classic French shutters through to bay windows, track systems and special shapes. Shuttercraft only supply made-to-measure shutters from S:CRAFT, crafted to high standards in a wide selection of materials and colours, so you can rest assured that there will be something to match your ideas.

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