Waterproof window shutters in Sudeley Castle

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Shuttercraft Gloucestershire Sudeley Casle Window Shutters

Waterproof window shutters in Sudeley Castle North Lodge

Definitely one of the more unusual properties we have worked, we installed a number of waterproof window shutters for a property in Winchcombe.

We supplied and fitted shutters while working on behalf of AMPM247, a local construction firm based in Cheltenham.

We were commissioned to help renovate the North Lodge entrance building for Sudeley Castle, a large stately home situated in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Sudeley Castle was originally built in 1442 by Ralph Boteler, a member of the King’s Household. In 1469, the castle became property of Richard Duke of Gloucester, who later became King Richard III, who famously lost the Wars of the Roses against Henry Tudor, who became Henry VII.

Later the castle became the home of Catherine Parr, the sixth wife of Henry VIII, although the castle fell into ruin following the English Civil War during the 17th century. Abandoned for many years, the castle then went through extensive restoration works during the 19th century, although some ruins remain as a feature part of the scenic gardens.

We were invited to quote for shutters on all windows in the castle’s North Lodge, which was being renovated in order to be let out for holidays. Dating from the 19th century renovations, the Lodge is a grade II listed property, which features single glazed panels in stone mullion window surrounds.

Shutters Stone Mullion Window Surrounds WinchcombeDue to the thin windows and stone surrounds, the property is prone to condensation, leading to damp in winter months. This meant that waterproof window shutters seemed like the best solution. The Java range, crafted from ABS, was therefore perfect for the practical requirements as well as aesthetic reasons.

The team at AMPM247 settled on Pure White for the colour choice, as it suited the design choices for the rest of the interiors. Although one of the most popular colour choices among our customers, the decision was also influenced by the limitations of shades available in Java.

63mm louvres provide a good balance between light control and privacy, needed for the property’s future use as a holiday let, screening off the interiors for people staying. Visitors to the castle will still be able to drive past and can look at the original architecture of the lodge, without imposing on the privacy of those staying.

Shuttercraft Gloucestershire supplied 16 shutters in total, installed over a period of 2 days at the end of July. It will be interesting to see what visitors have to say about the stylish shutters in this unique property.

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Cafe style shutter installation choices:

  • Colour: Pure White
  • Style: Full Height
  • Louvre size: 63mm
  • Material: Java
  • Placement: Bay window
  • Location: Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire

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